These routes are a guide to some of the coves you can visit by renting unlicensed boats. But don’t forget that you are the captain and you will have the chance to discover little spots that no one has ever seen before. You have chosen a suitable place to sail. In the bay of San Antonio, west coast of Ibiza, you will find deserted islands, cliffs where it seems that the pines leave the sea, solitary coves of crystal clear waters and white sands, spectacular places to practice the snorkel, fishing or just sunbathe and relax.


This route is ideal if we have east or south winds. You can also do it with a weak west. In a space of about 4 hours you have time to enjoy all these coves of Ibiza, and take a bath in each one of them. You will be impressed by the transparency of the waters.

1.Port torrent Ibiza

This small natural port will be your first stop. It has some picturesque fishing houses at the entrance and a sandy beach at the bottom. Its waters are crystal clear and you have some good restaurants.

In the background you have a line of buoys that separate the beach, not the crosses! Don’t leave the boat on the pier to the right of the cove, it’s for the ferrybus. To the left of the bay you will see a beach bar for boat hire, Wake departures and walks in Banana. They are our friends Juan and Fátima. If you want to do any of the activities they offer, they will attend you with great kindness. If you want to go down to the beach and eat, tell them to take a look at the boat.

You have a very nice snack bar at the Imagine Beach Bar, serving excellent mojitos and good music. If you like to eat well we recommend the restaurant El Viejo Gallo definitely one of the best on the island. Apart from the amazing rice dishes, they always have fresh fish from Ibiza.

2.Ibiza phoenician cantera

When you leave port des torrent, you will leave the fishing huts on your left. Just before turning the cape, you will find an ancient Phoenician quarry. It is over 2000 years old. It is an impressive place, where you will see the profile of the stone cut to sierra. inside it is formed a small natural pool. It’s not a good place to stop, it’s too exposed to the sea.

3. Cap de En Serra cove

From this cape to Cala Bassa, you will find cliffs with several caves. Be careful to visit them only if the sea is completely calm, to enter them for the engine, climb it and enter to visit them rowing. Some of them will surprise you with their crystal clear waters and contrasts of light. Look at them if you want in our video.

4. Cala Bassa

It is without a doubt one of the most popular coves in Ibiza. It is a beautiful sandy beach, with crystal clear waters.You will recognize it right away because you will see a lot of boats anchored. To the right there are some buoys where you can be provisionally moored.

Do not leave the boat on the ferry dock, or cross the line of yellow buoys that mark the bathing area. If you want to unload someone on the beach you can do it by the channel on the left, marked with a green and a red buoy. always at very low speed and with the engine a bit up.

On the beach you have the Cala Bassa Beach Club, one of the most popular beach bars on the island. good rice dishes, good fish and good music.

If you’re short of budget on the left side of cove base have the Fastfood and pizzas area.

5. Rovira tower

You will easily recognize this watchtower built in stone, because of its circular shape. In the tenth and seventh century the pirate attacks on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera were common and continuous. The pirates attacked by ship, to steal and capture their inhabitants, who were turned into slaves.

Torre Rovira was built in the 17th century in a strategic place in the Bay of Sant Antoni, equidistant between Cala Comte and Cala Bassa.

The cove where it is located is very quiet and only accessible by the sea. If you like snorkeling, you are in an ideal place to do this activity.

6. Cala comte Ibiza

There are no words to describe the beauty of these beaches, formed by a group of small coves of white sand and turquoise waters, recognized as one of the 10 best beaches in the world.

You will enjoy besides its beautiful waters, an unbeatable view of the island of the Forest, the island of Sa Conillera, the islands Bledes and the island of Spartar.Also the sunset or Sunset offers us unbeatable views. So in summer they are always full of people.

Luckily with our charter boats, you can anchor away from people. We recommend the anchoring in front of the fishermen’s houses that you will find before reaching the cove and also in a small natural pool, just where the ferries disembark.are two small paradises where you will find peace, tranquility and crystal clear waters.

If you go to the beach, you will find a step marked with red and green buoys. You will find a boat rental and departures from Wake. It belongs to our friend Sahara, do not hesitate to hire any of its services or consult any question.

If you want to have a mojito, we recommend the Sunset Ashram, have cocktails, some food, sushi at a reasonable price. For a more formal and convincing meal, you have the restaurants Ses Roques and the restaurant S’Illa des Bosc. In both you will find a good variety of rice and fish from Ibiza.

From Sa Conillera you have approximately half an hour of navigation to Sant Antoni.


This route is ideal for travelling with meatless boats, whether we have east or south winds.You can also perform it with a loose Westeros.In a space of about 4 hours you have time to enjoy all these coves of Ibiza, and take a bath in each one of them. You will be impressed by the transparency of the waters of Ibiza.

You have to keep in mind that in Cala Salada the mobile coverage is precarious, and from cape nono there is no longer telephone coverage or warm coves. Do not go beyond Foradada Bay as you will be outside the established navigation limits.

7. Aquarium cap blanc

A kilometer from Sant antonio Vereis a small wooden hut on a cliff, with a concrete pier, is the aquarium of Cap Blanc. A very picturesque place to visit. In its interior there are natural caves with sea water inlets where all the characteristic species of the islands coexist.

You can see Galapagos, moray eels, groupers and hundreds of colorful fish, it is an authentic natural aquarium to visit.

Wednesday nights is a nice place to go for sardines at the barbecue.

8. Cala gració

When you pass the jetty and the red lighthouse of the port, turn right (starboard in nautical terms). The first thing you will see are some buildings, in its low are the famous Café del Mar and the Café Mambo, remember its location, as it is the best point to enjoy the Sunset on your return.

You will leave a small cove ( is Calo Del Moro) because it is not very interesting. About two km from Sant Antonio, you will reach two small coves connected, Son Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, two beautiful coves with crystal clear waters and protected from the winds. It is an ideal place to anchor and take a bath, and even enjoy the Sunset.

In Cala Gracioneta you will see a pleasant local, the beach bar of Cala Gracioneta, an ideal place to have a cocktail or enjoy a good meal.

9. Cala Galera

If you continue sailing, past Cala Gració you will find this authentic paradise of Ibiza, Cala Salada.

Our favorite cove and without a doubt one of the most beautiful and wild coves of Ibiza. In it the nature is sublime. Cala Galera is of very difficult access by land, therefore it has remained virgin, and in it you will not see any construction. It is composed of a formation of horizontally cut stratified rocks, which forms platforms where people rest and sunbathe.

Not being a point collected in the tourist guides has created a special atmosphere that involves artists, painters hippies and nudists. Famous characters like John Lennon, Salvador Dali, Bono the singer of U2 fell in love with Cala Galera in Ibiza. The dusk in Cala Galera is impressive, accompanied by the rhythm of the drums.

In Cala Galera you will not see many boats, since the anchoring is of stones and complex for big boats, but with our zodiacs of rent you will be able to enjoy every corner.

Nudism in ibiza is a common practice, and Cala Galera is one of those nude paradises, where people practice it with absolute normality. If you have never practiced nudism this is a good opportunity to strip off your clothes and enjoy a nice bath in the crystal clear waters of Cala Galera.

Underwater you will feel a paradise where practice snorkeling.

10. Cala Salada

After leaving Cala Galera you will find a large bay with high cliff walls. It is a beautiful and overwhelming place, with deep bottoms and crystal clear waters.

If you continue sailing, you will reach Cala Salada Ibiza. Cala Salada is easy to recognize, at its entrance on the left you will see a small island, and in the background a reddish house. Cala Salada is one of the most popular coves in Ibiza.It has a good snack bar where to have a snack or eat a good rice.

In Cala Salada you will see a lot of boats anchored, since it is a quiet and safe place. You can anchor near the yellow buoys, on sandy bottoms. You will see a picturesque set of fishermen’s shelters.These shelters are built with Sabina wood and stones extracted from the place. You will see them in many coves of the island and it is a memory of the ancestral customs of the island.

11. Forada bay

Leaving from Cala Salada, and after visiting Cala Saladeta, you can surround the small island that you will find on your right. You can cross the channel between the island and land, there is sufficient background, that is slow to enjoy the landscape and not disturb the birds that nest on the island. Past the island you will arrive to a deserted bay, in which you will find few boats, is a beautiful place that owes its name to the cave that crosses the mountain.

12. Cafe del mar. Sunset

Already back at the port, and if we have chosen the evening out, we cannot miss the spectacle of the Café del Mar.Hundreds of people crowd on the beach and on some boats, to see how the star king hides on the horizon, and unveils one of the most beautiful evenings we’ve ever seen.

Important, come back quickly because we have to be in port before it gets dark.

13. Back to port

Remember that boats with no license do not carry lighting and must arrive before sunset. But back to the port of Sant Antonio in Ibiza, you can enjoy an impressive evening.

Turn around, look back and you will have a spectacle before you, the stunning sky of Ibiza; blue, red, green and other thousand colors that will melt into your retina.


This route is an extension of the southern route. If we have all day to enjoy our unlicensed charter boat, we can link both routes.

If we have only rented the boat without a license for half a day, a good option is to sail directly to Cala Comte, which is approximately 30 minutes drive from Sant Antonio, then start this route.

14. Bosque and Conejera island

Both islands, together with Es Vedra, Espartar and the bleda islands, are included within the natural park of the west islets, each one of them is an authentic treasure where a magical fauna coexists, aquatic birds, terrestrial invertebrates and a rich endemic flora, since 2002 are declared a natural park.

This small paradise is only accessible by boat and its crystal clear waters are an ideal place for snorkeling. You will enjoy a clear background where you can admire the meadows of poseidoneas as well as shoals of fish, and invertebrates. The richness of the waters make this area an area frequented by families of dolphins, sure that if the sea is quiet you will have the possibility to admire a group of dolphins.

The isolation of the islands makes them a nesting place for seabirds, and you can observe seagulls, cormorants, hawks and eagles fishermen.

But remember that you are in a natural park and you must observe some rules.

  • Respect the different natural values that have determined the protection of the space. Do not take plants, animals or archaeological elements.
  • Avoid approaching the islets, especially during the bird breeding season (April-June), and remember that landing is not allowed.
  • In order to practise underwater fishing in the vicinity of the islets, permission must be sought from the administration of the Reserves, independently of the other compulsory authorisations issued by other administrations. How to request authorization:
  • To assist in the preservation of the seabed, it is recommended not to anchor in the Algares (Posidonia oceanica grasslands).
  • The collection of the esparto leaf in S’Espartar is allowed, but an express authorization must be obtained from the administration of the Reserves, regardless of the other authorizations issued by other administrations.


When you sail this area take precaution in two zones.

Passage between Bosque and Conejera island:

In this area there are very little draught and dangerous pitfalls. To cross only through the center of the pass, there you have about 3 meters of depth. On the sides, next to the islands there is hardly any draught and you could hit the zodiac against the rocks.

Passage between forest island and Cala Compte cove:

You will see that in the middle there are a lot of small islets. This area is very dangerous and you should not cross. Only in days when the sea is very calm, you can cross it between the island and a yellow buoy of signage of the coast, you will see that the bottom is of sand and has very little depth. Cross very slowly and with caution and only if the sea is quiet.